Credit Reporting Agency and Damage to your Credit Report

Credit AgencyCredit reporting agency and your credit damage: The legal remedies

A credit reporting agency (CRA) may not be interested in admitting and rectifying its mistake on your credit report and may even deny any charges of causing you endless troubles due to credit damage. In such a case, the law is on your side and hence, you can always take additional steps to resolve the crisis.

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Tactics For Increasing Your Credit Line

Credit Line Just about ¼ of the American public says that they would have to significantly change their lifestyle if they didn’t have credit cards. That is a dangerous situation to be in, meaning that you may well be living beyond your means, or easily could do so. But, if you need to expand your credit line, there are some things you can do to do so safely and successfully.

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Tips And Tricks For Reducing Your Credit Card Debt

Credit Card DebtWith the economic crises we have been through in the last few years, many people have maxed out their credit. While this may have seemed like a good temporary way to cope with unemployment and the inability to pay bills, it is a never ending cycle that can make your recovery far worse. Here are some pointers for reducing your credit card debt.

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How The Credit Repair Process Works

Credit CardCredit repair is a hot topic on the internet these days. With offers on thousands of different sites, how can you tell which one will help you repair your credit? The best strategy is to know exactly what you are looking for, and to determine, for yourself, whether or not a particular credit repair site will do what you need.

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The Bottom Line on Authorized User Accounts

The authorized user (AU) concept is pretty straightforward. A person with a well managed credit card account can add an AU to his account. The cardholder’s good standing will then have a rub-off effect on his designee’s ability to establish, or in some cases improve, his credit score. The positive impact can be immediate, and it poses little risk to the account holder.

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All About Credit Repair Services

Girl on ComputerWhen it comes to credit repair services they are very hit or miss. Some are there to help you while others will just put you even farther into debt. Credible services will only charge you for their services once your credit has been repaired, work with you as an individual and develop the best plan possible for your situation, treat you with respect and most importantly, don’t leave you with more debt than you started with.

photo by: Ed Yourdon
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Choosing The Right Credit Repair Company

Man WorkingMany individuals have found themselves with credit scores low enough to keep them from getting a good rate on auto loans, mortgages or other types of lines of credit. There are a lot of consumers in the U.S. today whose credit scores will not get them any credit at all, even at a higher interest rate. There are many events which cause individuals to end up with bad to fair credit scores. Such life changing events are divorce, death of a spouse, health issues which lead to many expensive medical bills, or loss of a job. Due to the down turn in the American economy over the past decade, many have found themselves trying to make ends meet on unemployment benefits, just their spouse’s income, or worst yet, no income at all.

photo by: Thomas Leuthard
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